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The Victory App modular system for multi-platform presence on the Internet

Your app - The way you want it!

Secure the huge benefits of a professional marketing application for your business. The Victory Apps – F1RST Solutions – your perfect partner for marketing and customer contact!

App Store

With iPhone App in App Store and Android App in Google Play

Push News

With push messages you reach your customers directly and immediately

Progressive Web App

The Progressive Web App, the ultimate boost for your business.

Smart Website

The smart online presence with mobile website + desktop website

Designing the best communication for your company with VictoryAPP

The VictoryAPP of Digital Perspectives GmbH is a powerful tool. With this app you build up customer contacts, maintain them and communicate at any time and any place in an always up-to-date and comfortable way.

In addition, VictoryAPP allows you to maintain direct contact with your employees and business partners, whereby each segment of VictoryAPP can be configured individually and precisely for the target group. In this way, different contact groups can be set up or special information can only be selected for a specific group of recipients.

It is particularly advantageous that the VictoryAPP can be individually tailored to virtually any company and does not require a great deal of effort in the operation and maintenance of the content. In addition to the mobile app for Android or iOS, the VictoryAPP can also run without installation on the desktop computer. This ensures continuous communication with customers, prospects, suppliers, employees and business partners – no matter where they are and which device is preferred by these users.

The award-winning VictoryAPP is tailored and individually configured by to the needs of your company.

Do you also want to use the advantages of VictoryAPP? Then contact our experts for valuation marketing and let yourself be inspired by the exclusive advantages of VictoryAPP for your company!


What makes this Business App so attractive for your company?

  • Experiences
  • In practice
  • Attractive
  • Overview of the
  • Components
  • Options for the
  • Possible applications

Experience - The Victory App - dynamically innovative guarantee of success

As part of the Saas-Fee project, a dynamic app invented by F1RST with 700 top performers was introduced in 2013.

After the resounding success, which even resulted in a prestigious award ceremony, the app was newly developed by F1RST for various industries and application areas and will be available for various industries from September 2019. Every industry has its own requirements for an app to market its services and products.


What does the whole thing look like in practice?
Maybe you can't really imagine what it would look like?

With the help of an example you can see the huge benefit and added value of the Victory App.

Use in modern medical practices (special surgery) – an illustrative example

Dr. med. Jörg Zehetner Professor (USC) MMM, FACS, FEBS (hon.) has chosen the App for his top-class Swiss1Chirurgie practice (

Swiss1Chirurgie is one of the largest private practices in Switzerland with three locations in Bern, Solothurn and Brig treating more than 3,500 patients and is managed by F1RST as an external consultant.

The app is used by physicians and patients primarily for information on patient preparation and successful follow-up. Patients can find out everything they need to know about surgery and aftercare.

Straight the Reflux surgery, in which the successful physicians of the Swiss1Chirurgie are specialized, needs in the connection a special nutrition and important Tipps to the behavior and life-style. With an app, patients can receive direct advice, valuable tips and even prescription suggestions. These small details can often determine the ultimate success of a surgical intervention. Of course, patients feel that they are in good hands and there are fewer doubts, fears and questions than with conventional patient care.

Appointments can also be made via the app and questions can be asked directly.


QR code scanning with your mobile phone and testing!

What makes this Business App so attractive for your company?

You want to let the numbers of your company skyrocket? Then the Victory App from F1RST is definitely the right thing for you! Because this innovative business app clearly has the goal of skillfully marketing your services and products and positive customer experiences. It offers you and your company numerous valuable tools and above all touchpoints to your customers. This gives you an excellent opportunity to address your customers directly.

The Victory App was developed by real marketing experts from F1RST GmbH and you can clearly see that. Because it is a progressive web app, which serves the ultimate boost for every company. It enables push messages so that you can reach your customers directly and immediately. If, for example, you want to offer a special promotion or present a new product or service, you can do this directly via the app without much effort.

The associated website (Fastweb – SEO optimized) offers a smart online presence with mobile website and desktop website, for optimal presentation.

The app is of course available for iPhone as well as Android in the corresponding stores.

Of course you get comprehensive and competent direct support from F1RST, together with numerous first-class business tools for your company. A real revenue generator and digital seller at the same time, at an incredible price of less than CHF 80 per month. In addition, fixed service packages are offered by the qualified F1RST Solutions partners.

The Victory App At a glance

  • iPhone App (App Store) and Android App (Google Play)
  • Progressive Web App
  • Push News
  • Website (FASTWEB), mobile + desktop website
  • integrated business tools
  • the monthly price below CHF 100.
  • direct support from F1RST & Digital Perspectives GmbH
  • the services can be booked by different partners of F1RST & Digital Perspectives GmbH

Components of the Victory Apps - F1RST Solutions

The Victory Apps offer numerous modules and components that can be used differently depending on the industry. For example, the Stamp Cards option, which rewards customer loyalty with points, is an exciting feature. In this way, customers are produced digitally and completely without paper and loyal customers are rewarded with small extras.

Via a news center, customers can be reached with information and informed about the latest trends – not only a great way to get in touch with customers, but also a real added value for the customer base.

Of course, many different forms can be integrated into the app, as well as videos, photos, product catalogs, etc.

The customer rating option creates transparency and enables direct feedback from customers.

Options of the Victory Apps - F1RST Solutions at a glance:

App Modular system with modules

  • product catalogue
  • price lists
  • Newscenter (automatic import RSS, WordPress etc.) U.v.m.
  • Events
  • vouchers
  • menu
  • live streaming
  • Video with media libraries
  • ratings
  • feedback
  • time card
  • shop
  • appointment booking
  • forms
  • Contact us
  • galleries
  • In all important Social Media (incl. FB Feed in the News)
  • Branches Finder / Locations etc

Versatile application possibilities of the Victory App - F1RST Solutions

Further very good application possibilities of the App lie in the hotel and restaurant area. Here, complete menus can be included in the menu, express options can be offered for ordering and special promotions can be transmitted as push messages.

Pharmacies offering a delivery service, for example, can also clearly benefit from the Victory App. Customers can simply contact the pharmacy, the pharmacy operators can use the business tools to analyse the demand for medicines, inform them about special offers or promotions and thus maintain direct contact with the customer.

Especially today, when there are many impersonal online pharmacies, you can gain real competitive advantages with a clever digital marketing strategy.

All Victory Apps are available in the following languages: English, German, Portugès (BR), Portugès (PT), Español, Italiano, Türk and others will follow.

So far there are the following The Victory Apps – F1RST Solutions:

  • Pharmacies APP
  • Doctors App
  • Surgery APP (*)
  • Plastic Surgery APP (*)
  • Veterinarians APP
  • Hotel & Restaurant APP
  • Clinic APP (*)
  • Insurance APP (*)
  • Real estate APP (*)
  • House & apartment sale APP
  • News APP for Radio/TV (*)
  • Holiday Region APP (*)
  • Football Club APP
  • Fitness Club APP
  • Retail trade APP
  • Lawyers APP
  • Wine Producer & Trade APP (*)
  • Prefabricated Houses & Elementbau APP
  • Congresses / Cinema / Events APP (*)
  • Municipality / City APP (*)
  • Digital membership card (*)
  • wallet card
  • Delivery service App
  • Timecard App
  • Appointment booking
  • Table reservation App
  • beauty app
  • service app
  • Personnel & Temporary /HR-App (*)
  • Gastronomy App
  • Club App
  • Apartment App
  • New construction & superstructure App (*)
  • Hairdressers App
  • Key Services App (*)
  • Car App
  • Design & Furniture App (*)
  • Dog Salon APP
  • Emergency & News APP (*)
  • And more

(*) Only possible as of marketing app


The apps are configured in the F1RST cloud and activated for different stores like Apple, Google or others. To the F1RST Cloud:

The powerful app on the web

The Progressive Web App (PWA) combines the strengths of native apps and classic websites. Fast download times and interactive app features such as Messenger or Stamp Card provide a true user experience for website visitors and customers. And best of all, the PWA enables highest performance in offline mode.

Installing the Progressive Web App

The PWA can be installed on the user’s device or simply accessed online via URL.

  • Advantages of the Progressive Web App
  • Simple and accessible from anywhere
  • Platform independent
  • No download required
  • Benefits from Web Traffic
  • Use in offline mode

Customer Profile and Messenger


Victory App modular system with modules
for your app

Create app with
the App Building Kit

Determine the look of your app and transfer your business online with just a few clicks.


It's that easy to create your own app

So einfach kannst Du Deine eigene App erstellen

Our App Construction Kit has everything you need to transfer your business online.
Easy, fast and individual with your own app.


Ready Shop System

Offer your shop as an app and sell it also via smartphone. So your customers can buy immediately from you, no matter where they are. The mobile shop for your business boost!

Appointment booking

Appointment booking

Whether you are a dentist, hairdresser or consultant: let your customers book appointments with you directly via your app. So you can take care of your customers on site.

Stamp card

Stamp card

Give your customers something with them! The digital postcard is perfect to reward your customers with great extras. Customer loyalty simply by App.



You have a restaurant or a small café? Present your latest delicacies as a menu in your app. As a fixed menu or as a weekly changing menu: You have no limits!

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Your customers can use your app to request a table from you or reserve it directly, anytime and from the road.

Price list

Price list

With the price list your customers can quickly find the prices of your products and services.

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

You can present all your products and services easily and vividly in your app. Three layouts allow you to customize the product catalog to your business needs.



Send your customers a voucher for a cool promotion or a one-time discount directly to their mobile phones. Increase your customer loyalty easily and directly via your app!

Have you already used another tool for your business?

You can easily create your app with your favorite tool for appointment booking, table reservation and rating.


Victory Business App

Your business app consists of tools and touchpoints to your customers.
So both work together to make you even more successful in online business.


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