Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

Do you know how many customers recommend your brand, your company, your products or services on the Internet?

The so-called net promoters are your ambassadors on the net and generate new customers, who in turn can become net promoters. This enables you to use the resources in digital marketing to win new customers and at the same time strengthen sales, turnover and the level of awareness of your company.

The Net Promoter Score clearly and comprehensibly shows how many of your customers recommend you on the Internet. And it depicts how many customers don’t. This makes the Net Promoter Score an important indicator of how your offers and services are perceived and how strongly recommendation marketing has developed. determines the Net Promoter Score for your company on the basis of the data available on the Internet. The specialists at Digital Perspectives GmbH are the experts with experience, the right tools and a reliable determination and evaluation of the available data.

Determine your current Net Promoter Score with and let us show you how you can improve it effectively and sustainably. In the contact to the experts for the Net Promoter Score you will learn how we work and which effects a positive Net Promoter Score can generate for your entrepreneurial success.

Read here how we determine the Net Promoter Score, which statements can be made from it and how you can improve your Net Promoter Score with

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