Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping – We do more than only test purchases

Mystery Shopping with Digital Perspectives GmbH and is the convenient way for companies with stationary sales to test the quality of their sales. This allows clear conclusions to be drawn about the potential for improvement in sales and at the same time problematic interfaces to be identified.

Far beyond the actual test purchase, we take a close look at the processes at the point of sale and evaluate all phases of the sale with regard to organisation, product availability, customer approach, problem-solving strategies and buyer experience.

On the basis of jointly developed and coordinated briefings, we also carry out Mystery Shopping in several stages and thus identify the trends and static processes in customer consulting, sales, service and in the processing of customer requests and complaints or critical moments.

On the basis of the precisely documented results of the test purchases, we can, on request, compile a list of the positions with the greatest potential for improvement. Repeated mystery shopping runs after the optimization of the sales processes show whether and which effects could be achieved. Then we can continue to work on the specification of the sales processes.

In this way, Mystery Shopping with Digital Perspectives GmbH and differs significantly from simple test purchases, as we not only reflect the current status and identify problematic points, but also reveal the potential for improvement.

Our Mystery Shopping experts themselves have direct experience and personal references to the respective industry and can deliver profound results on this basis. This helps you to continuously improve your sales processes and thus achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction in every phase of the sales process.

Contact our experts for mystery shopping and convince yourself of our philosophy and the extensive possibilities in mystery shopping.

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