What we look out for in Mystery Shopping

What we look out for in Mystery Shopping

What we look out for in Mystery Shopping

What we look out for in Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is one of many ways to recognize what works and doesn’t work in sales, especially in stationary retail. And it is the most direct and binding method to test selected processes, standards and improvement potentials. It must be clear that Mystery Shopping does not simply involve test purchases, but processes a whole catalogue of questions and then makes conclusive recommendations for improving the processes.

At bewertungsmarketing.ch we carry out mystery shopping under the measure of recognizing, checking, evaluating and finally improving the sales processes in their entirety. We place the following aspect at the centre of our considerations, tests and conclusions:

  • Competence
  • credibility
  • Safety and security
  • communication
  • responsiveness
  • contact convenience
  • politeness
  • dependability
  • Understanding and
  • recognition

In the right form, these are also the focal points which also play a decisive role in the assessment of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It is interesting to note that all these points are perceived subjectively by the customers. But we want to achieve a picture that is as objective as possible, which is why we always understand mystery shopping as a process.

Competence reflects the abilities and skills of the staff. It depends on whether and how the employees identify with their specialist area and how they can professionally implement the technical aspects with knowledge and action.

When it comes to credibility, the first thing that matters is a company’s reputation. Trustworthiness and honesty are important indices against which it can be measured how credible the basic message of a company is, but also that of each individual employee.

Security primarily reflects financial and material security. Weak companies with an unclear financial situation or inadequate equipment do not cause customers to be particularly greedy, but rather insecure. This also includes a certain degree of confidentiality, which offers the customer security in his appearance.

Under the term “communication” we summarize the readiness to inform and the ability to inform. Only those who are willing to communicate will be able to do so, as long as they have the skills to do so. This is not about talkativeness, but about an adequate contact to the customer in the conversation, in the consultation and also in the processing of after-sale processes.

Reactivity describes the willingness and the ability to deal with inquiries immediately. The focus is not on the temporal term “immediately”, but on speed, punctuality and immediacy. It is therefore a matter of communicating to the customer that his concerns and wishes are really recognised and dealt with.

Customers expect easy accessibility, short waiting times and a pleasant location of a shop. We summarize all this under contact convenience. The easier it is to reach a shop, the shorter the waiting times and the better the accessibility, the greater the probability that customers will come again and again.

The courtesy invoked again and again is a basic characteristic of a company that likes to turn to its customers. Courteous, correct, respectful, friendly and appropriate in appearance – these are the basic expectations of customers when it comes to courtesy.

By reliability we understand and evaluate the correct and timely provision of services. This reliability is enormously important for a large proportion of customers and distinguishes good from less good companies and businesses.

Knowing, recognizing and understanding customers’ needs is what we call understanding. The better customers feel understood, the more likely they are to be seen repeatedly. This understanding undoubtedly also includes understanding what customers want and making an appropriate offer.

Recognition means being able to recognize regular customers as such. This has a clear effect on customer loyalty, as it also allows a certain degree of familiarity to be implemented.

The sum of all properties counts

When we examine, measure and evaluate such and similar factors in Mystery Shopping, then never as individual positions. We determine the degree of quality in sales in the totality of all essential characteristics that a business or company can exhibit. Often it runs very well in individual areas, while potential for improvement can be identified in other areas. We uncover this together and find possibilities to achieve a higher degree of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with new ideas and improved commitment. After all, it is exactly what you want and we can support you with a structured process in mystery shopping.

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