Authentic ratings work

Authentic ratings work

Authentic ratings work

In the search for certain services and products, the evaluations of existing customers are of great importance for potential customers. And also for the providers themselves, the evaluations given on the Internet offer an extraordinarily high information value.

And it is not only the undoubtedly positive ratings that determine the value of this information. Especially in the negative valuations there is a high potential for interested parties and companies, because here you can also see what is not yet going so well.

Only positive star evaluations do not work honestly

Anyone who looks back on his school career with an honest critical eye knows that there can be more than just top marks. Smaller or larger gaps in performance, lack of interest or even the shape of the day already ensure that a few twos or threes can slip between the highest marks. It must also be clear that a three is actually no less than the average performance or characteristic to be expected. Thus, a 3 is not negative at all, but rather conservative.

Accordingly, online evaluations of shops, companies or individual products or services, which give a rating of 5 stars, for example, roundly and without exception, appear untrustworthy. Here, the interested user quickly assumes that something is wrong with the rating. Especially since it should be clear that disappointed customers are more likely to make a critical comment with a corresponding rating than those who simply see themselves confirmed in their expectations of the company, the product or the service.

Negative evaluations have also their meaning

A negative rating is not simply a bad mark. At the same time, it means that there is still room for improvement in the thing being evaluated. This information is especially important for companies that want to constantly improve their customer satisfaction. And there are even companies that are really grateful to the critics, because with the critical evaluation also new thinking and development processes can be initiated. Who would assume as an entrepreneur according to the evaluations that everything is only great could not further develop enterprise, product or achievement at all, because apparently everything is great and in the best way.

And also for interested new customers bad evaluations are not necessarily repulsive. If, for example, an existing customer evaluates a product with only 3 stars and comments that he does not like the color, this color could be the decisive fact for the new customer to make a purchase decision. So a mediocre rating is not a bad rating by itself anyway, but always (only) the expression of a very individual feeling or a very personal opinion. In most critical comments not even objective factors are present, but rather subjective impressions.

Keeping the overview with Trustify

It is difficult for both customers and companies to keep track of the number of evaluation portals and opportunities. On product pages, in Facebook, Instagram, other social media and many other portals, opinions are made about the product or the company. Tracking down all reviews here is cumbersome, time-consuming and rarely leads to an authentic result.

It is better to use tools like Trustify, which collect and conveniently summarize the reviews from many different websites and portals. And there is additional information on top. Accordingly, the statements here are much clearer and also in the crowd more manageable. For potential customers this creates a certain security and for companies a comfortable overview. The use of such tools, which not only count stars and points, but also enrich them with value-added data and facts, is accordingly worthwhile.

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